Our Mission:

Our mission at Bemiss Academy, Inc. is to provide children with the highest quality early care and education, to serve as a supportive network and resource for families, strengthening the communities that we serve. Bemiss Academy works interactively with other responsive networks and services to ensure that high quality childcare remains progressive, safe, and affordable for all families.

Our center program objective is design to provide each child with a variety of educational, physical, emotional, spiritual, ethical, and moral standards. To help each child to grow and function in society as an whole and complete human being without being bound by life limitations.

Our Philosophy:

The educational philosophy of Bemiss Academy, Inc. is based on meeting the development needs of children. Nurturing a child starts at birth. This helps a child to develop trust and respect. Self-selective activities teach a child to be independent and develop problem-solving skills.

With a curriculum, daily schedule, and predictoable routines, this provides experiences that enrich and enhance each a child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. We understand the importance of a well-round balance developmental growth and orderly process of events must take place in a childs life to promote him/her to be happy and prosperous.

Our Program Celebrates Diversity:

Our program celebrates diversity and different familiy cultures. Our children have daily opportunities to explore diversity through the curriculum, books, music, learning area, dramatic play props etc.